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     See1981 Developer Water Distribution Systems Explanation

    1. Potable/Culinary — fire hydrants, wells

    2. Irrigation System – Phase 1A;  MountainRegional-SS-ponds

    3. Storm Drains

    4. Underdrains – beneath 50% of lots in Segment A, and Segment B.  Unsanctioned, no ownership, and abandoned by HOA Owners votes in 1985, 1994, 2008, 2014, 2019 twice, underdrains failed each time.

    5. Sewer System

    1984 – Sept 28 – Quit Claim Deed from Canyon Rim to Partnership Investment of Colorado.Entry 225759 Book 316

    1988 – June – Silver Springs Water Company Newsletter written by Lynn Stephens, Manager.  On February 5, 1998 Summit Water Distribution made an Agreement with Silver Springs Water Company and recorded all previous Agreements at Summit County Recorder Entry 00498635 Book 1115 Page 519

    1993 – March 17 – Weber Conservancy District Water – Notice of Lien for moneys owning by Silver Springs #68507.

    1998 – January 30th – Water Agreements, Deeds, Water Rights History, etc.  Silver Springs Water Rights are traced in a 239 page compilation of early water rights and their assignments.

    2003 – June 12 – Partial Satisfaction from Weber Basin Water Conservancy District – Entry 662308.

    EAST CANYON WATERSHED COMMITTEE –  http://www.eastcanyoncreek.org/

    Silver Springs Ground Water and Geological Survey

    * Hydrologic Cycle || Springs
    * Snake Valley Monitoring-Well Project
    * Aquifer Storage & Recovery Projects

    Technical Reports: Ground-water Resources || Recharge/Discharge Areas
    Sensitivity & Vulnerability to Pesticides
    Water Quality || Disposal Systems || Other Reports

    Online Maps || Well Logs (outside link to Water Rights)
    Related Publications || Related Web Sites || Ground-Water & Paleontology Program

    How to Report Water Use Abuse

    • There are several avenues you can pursue to report alleged water use abuse. Please use the following guidelines to make the process easier:
    • First, be sure water use abuse is actually occurring. Many times what may seem to be water use abuse may actually have a very reasonable explanation. For instance, driving by a business with their water running in the daytime may indicate that workers are on the scene adjusting or fixing sprinkler heads, scheduling run times, or other maintenance issues.
    • Once you are sure water use abuse is occurring, please contact the water agency responsible for water in that area. Water agencies have the authority to enforce good watering practices.

    Schools and universities usually fall under the jurisdiction of the local water agency, and not the state government.

    If you cannot find the agency responsible for water in the area of the water use abuse, or if you see a violation involving a government facility, please contact the state Water Conservation Coordinator – Eric Klotz, [email protected], 801-538-7264.

    Park City Culinary Water –  Kathleen Gammell435-615-5332
    Silver Springs Water Company – Rachael Schultz 435-649-9500
    Mountain Regional Water Special Service District 435-940-1916
    Summit Water Distribution –
    Van Martin435-649-7324
    Weber Basin Water Conservancy District –  Scott Paxman


    Estimated depth of well water: A review of a well-drillers log book shows a well located approximately 1,700 feet southeast of the Silver Willow Pond and approximately at the same elevation of 6510′ above sea level, reported the depth to ground water in the well at approximately 45 feet below ground surface (bgs). Ground water slopes to the north-northeast where elevation decreases. However, local gradients may vary significantly.Silver Springs Community consists of three man-made ponds (lakes). Silver Willow Lake, Silver Willow Pond, and Silver Minnow Pond. The nearest natural surface water bodies are two perennial streams (White Pine and Spring Creek) which converge at the underground point of Silver Springs Drive and Hwy. 224, located approximately 800 feet south of the Upper Lake (Silver Willow Pond) and approximately 2,400 feet east of the Lower Lake (Silver Willow Lake). These lakes are fed by Spring Creek which flows to Spring Creek which flows north to join East Canyon Creek.—See Park City West, Utah USGS Quadrangle, 1998.

    Water Rights Division…..

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