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    Silver Springs East File Memorandum with 1981 Master Plan Map

    Silver Springs Irrigation System Pump House at Parcel H Park
    Second of Two Unfinished Water Conveyance Systems


    Quotation from the letter from:

     Kapaloski, Kinghorn & Alder
    Attorneys at Law
    10 Exchange Place, Suite 1000
    Salt Lake City, Utah 84111

    Steven F. Alder
    Lee Kapaloski (attorney for Silver Springs Water Co.)
    Gerald H. Kinghorn             Telephone 801-361-8644

    F I L E    M E M O R A N D U M

    Re: Water System Development, Lakes and Lands
    Surrounding Lakes and Water Courses

    This memorandum compiles the verbal discussions, draft written agreements, engineering and planning discussions and response to various requests to June 9, 1981. The purpose of this memorandum is to provide a single document for reference of SSD, SSI, Dale Perkins, Mike Hardman, Jim Webster, George Triggs, Roland Palmer and Dick Pearce.

    Water Distribution System

    Two separate water distribution systems exist; a potable system for high quality indoor use and an irrigation system for outdoor lawn watering. State law prohibits the cross connection of the potable and irrigation systems. – No physical connection between the systems should exist. The legal prohibition will become effective when the irrigation system is placed in operation. Until the irrigation system begins to draw water from the storage pond temporary outdoor service may be allowed from the potable system, but all temporary connections can be disconnected before the irrigation system begins to draw water from the storage lakes. The potable system will be contaminated if all cross connections are not disconnected. No backflow preventers should be used, special attention must be directed to the school since they apparently have a sprinkler system that is connected to the potable system.

    During this summer service can be temporarily supplied to irrigation systems by providing a temporary line between the irrigation system of each lot and common area to the Silver Springs Water Company distribution main lines. For the present consumers can use unmetered water for outside irrigation under this arrangement. All such temporary connections must be removed by October 15, 1981.

    Each metered connection should be checked after all temporary connections are removed. ……

    Silver Springs Water Company is responsible for the installation of all collection, storage and distribution facilities to the point of the property boundary between public roads and private common areas, lots and units and for the inspection of each irrigation system to insure that cross connections are removed. Silver Springs Water Company personnel should also paint all taps of the irrigation system red the first time to insure that all taps are adequately marked.

    SSD has contracted with Silver Springs Water Company to manage, contract for, and finance the construction of the system.

    Each Builder is responsible for construction of the system from the property line to each common area, residential or unit point of use. Each builder is also responsible for the portion of common main lines across his property to other private properties as required by the consortium master plan for the systems.

    Palmer-Wilding will be responsible for modifications to the master plan and training Silver Springs Water Co. personnel to inspect and test lines before trenches are backfilled. Palmer-Wilding will also provide construction specs for lines.

    Each property owner and Homeowners Association will be responsible for the disconnection of temporary cross connections between the potable and irrigation systems prior to supplying the irrigation system from the storage lake. Each owner must notify Silver Springs Water Company when the irrigation cross connections have been removed and the system is ready for inspection.

    Silver Springs Water Company must know where each cross connection is located and must inspect to make certain each cross connection is disconnected prior to using untreated water in the irrigation system……End of Quote.

    1981 Silver Springs East Water Plans1981 Silver Springs East Water Plans1982 American Savings Parcels H, B, Q, P
    Parcel 2 above (aka Parcel H) Pump House and dotted irrigation line.
    More irrigation system information can be found at:  Water Distribution Systems page.
    Click to enlarge image.  Click again on second phase image.
    Palmer-Wilding Engineering map C. 1982

    The irrigation system was installed only in the Phase 1-A of the Silver Springs Single Family Subdivision.
    3  .PARCEL K.  Parcel K is a 25 foot wide strip of land [an easement appurtenant by necessity] connecting Silver Springs Road to the lake front.  Originally it was intended that this strip hold the water pumping equipment for the irrigation system which the lake would service.  The equipment site was changed to Parcel H, and Parcel K has been left as an accessway to the lake from Silver Springs Road.  [In American Savings letter of December 6, 1988 Ryan L. Richards modifies these “intended uses”.]
    The irrigation system never was implemented except for use to water the lawn of the large park south of Silver Willow Lake Pond.
    The three ponds built in Silver Springs were sediment retention ponds [to fulfill the requirements of the 1972 Clean Water Act.].  See the History of the Lakes and their intended use.

    Silver Springs Community Subdivisions have retention ponds, curbs and gutters,  a storm drain system, sewer system, and drainage channels (ditches and creeks) as conduits used to collect seasonal flowing water and snow melt. CC&Rs state that each individual homeowner is responsible for their own irrigation and anything within their property lines and easements.  See https://www.silverspringscommunity.com/2009/10/06/2009-sept-16-water-firm-wins-big-tax-appeal/

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