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    Last year I delivered a proposal to the Master Association offering to collaborate with them on the production of a map of our Silver Springs Community showing the various “amenities” and which ones were available to ALL of the Community Homeowners and which ones were “private” yet were funded by ALL the Members dues.   The map below is what was produced.  Included on this webpage is additional information that I feel is important to fully disclose the inequalities of such amenities as the pedestrian trails around the lakes, use of the lakes, parks, tennis court(s), and undeveloped parcels owned by the MA.

    At this link is an original map of the trails and access to the trails that many of us were sold on and that we pay the Master Association to maintain for ALL our Community of 511 properties.

    The SS Master Association Interactive Google map identifies each of the areas under their purview.


    Green and blue colors indicate areas accessible by Members and subject to Association Rules and Regulations.  Click on the displayed map below to find additional information.

    The intent of this webpage  is to express the injustice the Homeowners feel exists from the administration of dues and assessments charged equally to all 511 Master Association Members, while truly only 50 Members (22 around Silver Willow Pond, 28 around Silver Willow Lake) have use and access to all the MA properties. In 2010 the MA Members survey overwhelmingly proclaimed the desire to reorganize the MA to create a fair dues tier system. The MA Members so far have been ignored by the MA Board.  The SSSF HOA in 1988 Minutes provide their preferred MA restructuring annual fees and use of the amenities.

    The MA Board, consisting of the twelve Silver Springs Community subdivisions presidents, has been negligent by not completing the mandate from Summit County since 1989 to Revise the Developer’s Draft Bylaws so that they can receive authority to legally assess the HOA Members, to administer use and maintenance of common areas, and to do so legitimately.

    Please do not misunderstand my focus on the situation known as the HOA.  I do not want to give the idea that all board members are bad people.  What I have learned is that over 90% of the HOAs across the country are poorly administered and managed.  The set up asks too much of unprepared neighbors who are expected to volunteer to administer legal documents filled with unfamiliar, sometimes frivolous, rules everyone is expected to adhere to in their very closest proximity of their daily lives, their residences.  Some of these volunteers are not up to or qualified for the tasks of an HOA.  Some are doing the best they can, some see opportunities to boss around their neighbors, some are good at what they do, and some haven’t a clue of the negative effects of their conduct.  Because of these integral component characteristics of HOAs, they are being dissolved by subdivisions of single family, stand-alone homes; or replaced with professional managers who report to every Owner via websites and annual meetings, on a very simplified list of rules.  More on this later.

    Study of the early Silver Springs East Master documents, Developer Agreements, Mountain Regional Agreements, and the draft 1989 Bylaws for the SS Master Association, reveals those several early documents to be convoluted and incomplete. No effort we know of has been made to create a document reform Declaration to bring all the early documents into one simplified, updated Compendium Statement to be reviewed and accepted by the majority votes of the Membership of the MA.  The MA boards to date have been unwilling to put in the work necessary to clean up and organize the MA documents fiasco.

    This Descriptive Interactive Map of titled “Common Area” parcels, maintained by the Silver Springs Master Association since 1990 should in all fairness should be for the equal benefit of ALL its Members who each pay equal annual dues for equal access and use of these parcels, yet that is NOT how the MA has negotiated agreements to represent ALL the Members fairly.

    The Master Association is operating with outdated Articles of Incorporation (1990) and Draft Bylaws from 1989, and a Lakes Conveyance Agreement that has no line of authority from the Members.  The MA board members  operate based in uncertainty, therefore the 50 members who do have full access to the ponds are accustomed to considering their privileges justified.  Additionally, some of the 50 privileged owners have met with attorneys and with the individual association boards to also buoy up their claim to ownership of the lakes’ perimeter pedestrian trails. The board has gone so far as to allow the folks who are in the SSSFHOA Lots 193 to 199 to gain private title to the portion of the lake perimeter trail adjoining their home’s lot. Park Place, Northshore and Southshore are privileged by the 1989 Developer’s Exclusive Private Enjoyment Easement arrangement that applies to their lots contiguous to the ponds. The same claimed expectation is held by many other MA Members who feel that if they are all paying the same annual outlay to maintain these amenities then they are owed equal access and use of all SS MA common areas.  Some bought their properties with the understanding that the lakes, trails, parks, tennis courts were all part of their purchase agreement.  The MA board’s failure to take action for nearly 30 years is the root of continual discontent among 511 Members’ families.

    The MA above map is a representation of how the MA board has mismanaged their primary function, the management of the Silver Springs “common areas” for the use and benefit of ALL its Members.  They are operating under the misconception that most Members are happy and satisfied with how dues, assessments, access and use are being dispensed.

    The information displayed on the map and within this webpage is a compilation of records, minutes, budgets, documents, information and data obtained from numerous sources. Many of these sources can be found on the www.silverspringscommunity.com website.  Use the menu on the left side of the home page to find topics that lead to webpages, maps, photos and documents.

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