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  • 1- Meadow Spring SF

    Meadow Spring Single Family

    A Planned Unit Development (19 Units)

    Meadow Springs - Minnow Pond 2008
    2007 View of Silver Minnow Retention Pond (0.367 acre) looking toward Meadow Spring Subdivision Homes

    1981 Recorded plat of Silver Minnow Pond indicates it is deeded and recorded
    as part of the Silver Meadows Townhome Common Area

     Meadow Spring Single Family - aerial

    Numbers 1400 through 1494 are Meadow Spring homes
    Numbers 1357 through 1389 are Willowbend West Condominiums
    First Meadow Spring Deed recorded in 1995.

    The Meadow Spring Single Family Homeowners Association (see note below that explains that Meadow Wild condos Phase 1 became Meadow Spring SF subdivision) has owned the east tennis court since DBL, Inc. (Don Stringham) transferred the title to them in 1990.

    Click here for more information on the Tennis Courts.

    Tennis Courts PP-91 plat close-up
    Recorded on plat SW 1/4 SE 1/4 Section 30 T 1 S, R 4 E – Meadow Wild / Meadow Spring
    Tennis Courts PP-91 plat in full size PDF

    Meadow Spring Board

    (No elections for many years.  Update pending from subdivision board.)

    President : Whit Logan 655-9004, 640-4009 (658-5491, 658-2882)
    Colleen Logan 435-757-4601

    Registered Agent: Ruth Wagner, Association Attorney (moved to Silver Creek),
    1492 W. Meadow Loop Rd, P.C., UT 84060

    1980 Meadow Wild Phase 1, known as Meadow Spring Homes and Meadow Wild Condominiums.
    The following four documents are in a single PDF file:
    -Enabling Declaration of Conditions, Covenants & Restrictions  April 20, 1980 Entry No. 179273 Book 186 Page 591-610
    Recorded on 5/8/1981 by Concepts, Inc. president, Raymond D. Fry.
    -Declaration of Conditions, Covenants & Restrictions Entry No. 182870 Book 196 Page 410-443
    Recorded on 8/21/1981.by its president, Michael V. Hardman.
    -Articles of Incorporation for Silver Spring Townhouse Owners Association, August 17, 1981 by Michael V. Hardman as Entry No. 182870 Page 444-448
       (Articles of Incorporation for Meadow Wild – see below)
    -Bylaws, Page 449-454

    Amended Bylaws of The Meadow Wild [and Meadow Spring] Homeowners Association, a nonprofit corporation, were drafted in March 1987 by Colt Properties.
    “Article VI Officers: The officers of the Association shall be chosen by the Board of Trustees annually at the regular annual meeting…..or the next ensuing regular annual meeting of the Board of Trustees…”

    Background of Meadow Spring Member Association

    In 1980 A Survey Map of Meadow Wild Phase 1 with 40 condo units was recorded by Raymond D. Fry.
    The map indicated there were to be Condos 1-10 and 25-28 on the south intersection of Silver Springs Drive and Meadow Loop Road. Also the map indicated that there would be Condos 11-24 on the north side of this same intersection. Additionally, on the east side of this section of condos would be built Condos 29-40, these two rows of condos would be separated by the stream and would have the street “Scythe Place” between Condos 29-40. The 40 condos together would be named “Meadow Wild”.

    On February 11, 1987, J. Douglas Mitchell recorded the Meadow Wild Articles of Incorporation with the State of Utah Business Regulation Office as No. 124476, naming Joseph C. Cunningham, Scott Helm, and Duke Weir, all three of Colt Properties, as Residential Trustees. The legal description applies to the area where the 40 condos were to be built.

    Colt Properties, drafted and recorded Bylaws of The Meadow Wild Homeowners Association, a nonprofit corporation in March 1987.

    Duke Weir of Colt Properties commenced construction work on MW lots 11, 21, 24.
    January 16, 1987: Letter from Kathy Davis of Winder & Haslam to Duke Weir: …”Bill Ligety, of Silver Springs Homeowners Association, has informed us that your proposed construction will consist of single family dwellings with asphalt roofs and masonite siding, in stark contrast to the construction materials used on the other buildings in the area. Section 3.2 and 5.3 of the Meadow Wild Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions clearly require that all buildings constructed in the planned unit development be of compatible material and design… etc.”

    After a year of negotiation and attorney fees to Winder & Haslam and to Kirton, McConkie & Bushnell, an agreement was drafted and approved by Chad Wilkinson, a director of Meadow Wild, Heinz Somek, a director of Silver Meadows, Lynn Stevens, Silver Springs Water Co. official, Dale Boshetto, Silver Springs president, and Bill Ligety and Cindy Sharp and the directors of Willowbend East and West.

    Christopher P. Mancini, of Winder & Haslam wrote: “At the meeting, Mr. Cunningham repeatedly assured us that they (Colt Properties) have no intention of constructing anything inconsistent with the existing structures in the area. However, Mr. Anderson is reluctant to sign the agreement we have prepared in connection with this matter, claiming that as he does not own the properties, his signature would be of no effect. He suggests that the filing of new CC&R’s by the (his) homeowners association would be a more effective means to the desired end. Joseph Cunningham will be contacting you in the near future to discuss the establishment of two separate Meadow Wild homeowners associations (Meadow Wild Condos and Meadow Spring Single Family). Please keep me posted as to the contents of your discussions.”

    The Condos 1-10 and 25-29 (14 units in all) were built as recorded and situated on the south side of the intersection of Silver Springs Drive and Meadow Loop Road. The remaining 26 condo lots were re-apportioned for 19 single family lots, as exists today. The Summit County Recorder still shows the 40 lots as originally recorded, though “ground truth” shows that there are not 40 condo units, instead there are 14 Meadow Wild Condos and 19 Meadow Spring Single Family homes, a total of 33 housing units.

    J. Richard Anderson filed a Meadow Wild Phase III map for four single family homes on Lots 301, 302, 303, 304, on the 24th of August 1988. Though these homes are in the Silver Springs Community they choose not to be members of the Silver Springs Master Homeowners Association.

    Meadow Wild - Phase 1 Survey Map - Indicates Meadow Springs as a part of Meadow Wild 1980 plat

      Phase 1 Survey Map 1980 – Indicates Meadow Spring as a part of Meadow Wild plat.
    Note top right tennis court.  No other plats have been found recorded.

    Note – Plat does not represent “ground truth” of Meadow Spring houses as they are truly placed on the lots. On the southwest corner of Silver Springs Drive and Meadow Loop Road are the Meadow Wild condos. On the north east corner of Silver Springs Drive and Meadow Loop Road are the Meadow Spring homes. See above aerial shot for “ground truth” snapshot of the Meadow Spring home placement.


    MW-1-11 as 1460 W. Meadow Loop Road – Iverson O. Brownell
    MW-1-12-13 as 1462-1464 W. Meadow Loop Road – Christopher Hudon & Melissa McKain
    MW-1-14- as 1466 W. Meadow Loop Road – Randall J & Delight “Dee” Logan

    MW-1-15- as 1470 W. Meadow Loop Road – Hadley E. Fuller
    MW-1-16-17a- as 1476 W. Meadow Loop Road – Rosemarie Jutras & Andrew Langendorf

    MW-1-17-18- as 1486 W. Meadow Loop Road – Whitney & Colleen Mason Logan (moved?)
    MW-1-19- as 1490 W. Meadow Loop Road – Pavandeep S. Sethi
    MW-1-20- as 1494 W. Meadow Loop Road – Theresa Sherrill Eason

    MW-1-21-22 as 1492 W. Meadow Loop Road – 1987-1996 Ruth Wagner to 2009 Jacquelyn A. McGrail to 2010 Anne Alden
    MW-1-23- -as 1484 W. Meadow Loop Road – Lisa J. Ruskin
    MW-1-24- as 1480 W. Meadow Loop Road – Marian McClure

    MW-1-29- -as 1422 W. Meadow Loop Road (Scythe Place) – Eric Carl & Elizabeth Craig Myers
    MW-1-30- as 1420 W. Meadow Loop Road
    (Scythe Place) – Russell & M. Leslie Harlow & Gretchen Tally (103 yrs old)
    MW-1-31-32- as 1416-1418 W. Meadow Loop Road
    (Scythe Place) – Peter & Dawn Young
    MW-1-33- as 1414 W. Meadow Loop Road (Scythe Place) – Josiah E.II & Mary Jane Goodale
    MW-1-34- as 1412 W. Meadow Loop Road (Scythe Place) – Angela L. Burwell

    MW-1-35-36- as 1408 W. Meadow Loop Road (Scythe Place) — Scott D. Giles
    MW-1-37-38- as 1406 W. Meadow Loop Road (Scythe Place)– Melinda M. Long
    MW-1-39-40- as 1400 W. Meadow Loop Road (Scythe Place)– Bryan F. & Helen E. Swan

    2008 - October 18 Leslie Harlow - Music birthright

    2008 - October 18 Leslie Harlow - Music birthright - right side of article

    ‘Of course’ she is going to vote - Gretchen Tally 103 yrs old
    ‘Of course’ she is going to vote - page 2 -Gretchen Tally 103 yrs old

    2008 - 1460 Meadow Loop fire - Iverson Brownell

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