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    It is important to remember that the DUTIES OF HOA TRUSTEES are to protect and benefit equally ALL of the subdivision’s property owners/our neighbors.

    See CCRs Recorded in 1982 and 1994 Recitals : “The following covenants, conditions, restrictions and easements which are hereby declared to be for the benefit of the whole tract and all of the property herein and the owners thereof, their successors and assigns… shall run with the said real property and shall be binding on all parties… and shall inure/take effect to the benefit of each owner thereof… as a servitude in favor of each and every parcel thereof as the dominant tenement or tenements.” [Note: The property owners, are the dominant tenements, and are entitled to the benefit of the servient CCRs.]



    Promote the general health, safety, and welfare of the present and future inhabitants;
    Protect and preserve the morals, peace and good order, comfort, convenience and aesthetics of the community;
    Protect property values of current and future homeowners. (2000)

    “The residents of Silver Springs are committed to improving and sustaining our community to improve daily living, and retain the value of our properties.” DRAFT

    “As Silver Springs Communities residents we will promote and improve our neighborhood environment, and support rules established to assist each property owner to maintain our property values to the highest possible level.” DRAFT

    “Silver Springs, a community of friendly neighbors, respect and compliance for rules established by the general membership, beautifully maintained homes and properties, and happy families.” DRAFT

    ” Silver Springs, a community of respectful homeowners, where everyone is treated fairly, properties are maintained properly, and the neighborhood and environment are safe.” DRAFT

    Silver Springs Single Family HOA Mission Statement


    by Frederic Stayrook

    A Trust is a relationship between parties where one party holds the legal right to manage the affairs of the relationship for the benefit of the other parties. The party who has the responsibility for the Trust is called the Trustee.

    I have been selected to serve as a Trustee for the Silver Springs Homeowners Association’s home and property owners. My sole responsibility is to assure that all business conducted by the Board of the Homeowners Association will benefit all parties in the Trust.

    To determine benefit from any action undertaken by the Board, I shall use three criteria:

    1) Is it relevant to all members?

    2) Is it fair to all members?

    3) Will it profit all members?

    As Trustee, I will be bound to enforce CC&Rs determinations of what the home and property owners have agreed to be used as the guidelines for our community. However, as a Trustee, I shall also evaluate the appropriateness of existing CC&Rs and encourage change where they are deemed necessary.

    I shall oppose involvement by any special interest group who shall attempt to use the Board to empower their cause. Unless there is a clear benefit to all home and property owners, such efforts waste the time and resources of the Association.

    I am, by nature, vocal in my position. I am an independent thinker capable of determining my only opinion. I shall always maintain the criteria process which I’ve outlined above to establish my position on each issue.

    I enlist the input of each home and property owner within the Association to assure that this Board truly is representing the concerns of the community. I desire an openness and sense of involvement by all to assure a growing, friendly environment in which every member has a sense of pride and accomplishment.


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