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  • B- Silver Springs Commercial

    Silver Springs Commercial

    1. The Double Take aka The Duck Stop aka The Blue Roof Market/ Tesoro 4374 Silver Springs Dr. 649-0048/
      4575 Silver Springs Dr., 435-649-4996/
      Arctic Spas 435-658-1580/ The Alaskan 4575 Silver Springs Dr. # 10, 649-3877/
    2. Windermere Real Estate – 4593 Silver Springs Drive 84098, 435-645-9090
    3. Dr. Sumsion, DMD MS – 4585 Silver Springs Drive 84098 -435-649-0099
    4. Home Savings Bank 4580 Silver Springs Drive 84098, 435-649-6032
    5. St. Luke’s Episcopal Church 4595 Silver Springs Drive, 649-4900
    6. Parley’s Park Elementary School 1002 Silver Springs Drive, 435-645-5620

    Aerial of the Commercial Corner
    Flag Parcel - aerial

    1… The Double Take a.k.a. The Duck Stop

    a.k.a. The Blue Roof Market

    a.k.a. Tesoro and 7-Eleven

    Blue Roof Market -2008

    For updates on the Walgreen Proposal Click on this link:

    Blue Roof Market southwest
    Southwest view
    Arctic Spas

    Blue Roof sign - Tesoro and 7-Eleven
    Tesoro – 7-Eleven sign

    Silver Springs Homeowners – Steering Committee Meeting – November 9, 1984 at 7:30 PM in Vern Hardman’s Office.Minutes: ……..”Vern told us that the land where the Silver Springs Subdivision Sign was was allocated to the Homeowners but that it had never been recorded so that when platted title was given to Ray Fry they just included the whole thing together with his 4,000 square feet of commercial for his service station building. By rights, and according to the original plat plans that land should be deeded back over to the homeowners.”

    Vern said that he has gone the rounds with Fry and Craig Torman on at least three occasions concerning the logo sign. That he was able to save the large wood lettering, for reuse, when the sign was being redesigned by Torman. (Double Take 649-9061, Craig Torman in Ogden 392-7737)….They could be violating the original agreement to serve the communty.” (The large wood lettering was destroyed by the tornado that destroyed Richard’s barn across Hwy224 around 1988).

    Blue Roof sign - view south stream - Tesoro and 7-Eleven
    View to south along Highway 224

    Silver Springs Commercial 1982 Phase A

    1982 – September 14 – Planning Commission Minutes – Phase B – Silver Springs Commercial.

    2… Windermere Real Estate Office
    4593 Silver Springs Drive
    Park City, Utah 84098
    Windermere building

    Windermere Real Estate Office
    March 2008

    3… Dr. J.R. Sumsion, DMD MS
    Park City Orthodontics
    4585 Silver Springs Drive
    Park City, Utah 84098

    PC Orthodontics
    P.C. Orthodontics
    Pavilion commercial building

    4… Home Savings Bank & Stillwater Mortgage
    4580 Silver Springs Drive
    Park City, Utah 84098
    435-658-4888 or 649-6032
    Home Savings
    Home Savings
    Home Savings and Flag Parcel layout

    Parcel 4 – Home Savings

    5… St. Luke’s Episcopal Church
    4595 Silver Springs Drive
    Park City, Utah 84098
    St. Luke’s sign
    St. Lukes Episcopal Church

    The Springs at Walker Court - commercial area with Spring Creek
    Southwest corner of St. Luke’s – March 2008

    6… Parley’s Park Elementary School
    1002 Silver Springs Drive
    Park City, Utah 84098
    Parley’s Park Elementary School
    Parley’s Park Elementary School

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