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  • -Walkway Willow Loop to Silver Springs Road


    1979 Recorded path connects Willow Loop to Silver Springs Road

    The September 11, 1979 Plat for Silver Springs Phase B includes notations for this Willow Loop to Silver Springs Road intended access for ALL the Homeowners to Silver Springs Parcel F big lake and its perimeter trail.
    Silver Springs Phase E recorded on September 8, 1981 fails to follow through with the continuation of this lake and trail access to the Parcel F lake and its perimeter trail.  It has been discussed that perhaps this omission was because the 1979 Master Plan drawing indicates the 10′ wide access path as a direct line across from the Willow Loop path to the lake and trail while the recorded 1981 plat B lot alignment would require a jog in the path, making it a judgement call whether the path was to be between Lots 198 (Brady-Perotti-Sanderson-Dittmer) and 199 (Eric Watts-Blank-Maddux-Loughlin); or between Lots 197 (Zehner) and 198 (Brady-Perotti-Sanderson-Dittmer).


    *ABOVE: 1980 Sales handout map of Silver Springs includes trails for access to and around the Silver Willow Lake aka the Big Lake Parcel F.

    **Capson, Morris & McComb Real Estate Sales handout map distributed c.1980-1985 by Cyndi Sharp, agent, she also was a SSSF resident at Lot 50 aka 5052 Silver Springs Road. Sharp-Ligety moved to SSSF Lot 193 in 1986, the Ligety’s left SSSF in 1992. “For the record, Cyndi Sharp, Mr. Bill Ligety’s wife, was the developer’s real estate representative for the sale of Silver Springs lots through Capson, Morris & McComb, while she also is named on an early document as a member of the S.S.D. Inc. Developer’s Silver Springs Homeowners Board in 1983.” Quote is from American Savings & Loan Association, Corporate Counsel, Ryan L. Richards, letter dated December 3, 1988 in response to Silver Springs Single Family HOA Counsel, Scott Welling’s letter dated October 28, 1988.

    1987, June 2 – Neighbor Grant Hedges said he understood that there were two large lake access lanes, a 25′ wide path at the south side of Ligety’s property (Lot 193) and another at the north side of Brady’s lot (198).  Hedges said he felt that it wouldn’t be fair for Ligety to purchase this lake access lane and deny other S.S. homeowners access to the large lake from the southeast end (or center)of the subdivision.  Grant felt that the twenty-five foot buffer zone was available to all and had always understood that was how it had been set up.

    1988 – ACCESS FROM WILLOW LOOP TO SILVER WILLOW LAKE AND PEDESTRIAN TRAIL : “Dale Boshetto, president of the homeowners association in Silver Springs, said that in 1982 it was stated at a homeowners association meeting that the entire lake shore would be available to all property owners…via the continuation of multiple access points for the enjoyment of this amenity by all property owners… The lake is a fishery and cannot be blocked, anybody can access this lake…”
    Mr. Boshetto said on amended plat 1B there is a 10′ wide walk way recorded between lots 75 & 76 on Willow Loop Road and 166 & 167 on Silver Springs Road that would make a natural continuation on the side of Brady’s Lot 198 in plat 1E.   The original recorded Plat 1E was not platted with a continuation of a walk way…. ”
    The walkway property continues to belong to each of the four lot’s recorded owners, the walkway is a user easement on their four properties.  The owner of Lot 166 maintains the walkway on behalf of the four owners.
    The access pathway from Willow Loop , between Lots 75 & 76, then between Lots 166 & 167, to Silver Springs Road, then between two lakefront lots 198 & 199, to the lake is indicated on the Master Plan, on several maps.

    1989 -May 6 – Monthly Trustee Meeting – “We should do something to identify the access walkways in Phase B that should be left open between lots 75 and 76, between lots 166 and 167, and between lots 198 [Perotti] and 199 [Maddux].”

    1989 -September 18 – Monthly Trustees Meeting – Minutes by Bonnie Adams
    “The 10′ wide walkway easement from Willow Loop to Silver Springs Road was discussed. The easement is between lots 75, 76, 166, 167. Although included in title reports, on plat maps and known to many residents and the Board, a general concern was mentioned that the present owners are not aware of its existence.  Dick Mitchell made a motion to write a letter to the 4 owners, Gunter, Stalzberg, Puttuck and Hodge, reminding them of its existence and place in the Master Plan. Bonnie Adams seconded, the resolution passed. Bonnie will write the letter.”
    1989 – October 5 – Monthly Trustees Meeting – Minutes:
    “Item 8 – The 4 letters about the easement for walkway were sent out.”

    West 10′ wide access from Silver Springs Road extends to Willow Loop

    East 10′ wide access entrance from Willow Loop to Silver Springs Road

    In 2018 the new owner of Lot 167, Pete McCoy, offered that he was fully aware of this recorded walkway on the north boundary of his property, this walkway is included on his Title Report.

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